About Us

OceanSpring Transnational is a tier-1 Communications and Technology Integration Group providing services for end-user businesses and institutions. Our boutique public relations agency provides professional public relations, information systems development and media services for people, businesses and development sector operators in Nigeria. Our enterprise technology division provides administrative, technical, communications and operational infrastructure and services to upscale clients and enterprises we serve.

OceanSpring customer service builds on the core values of leadership, sustainability, continuous improvement, evidence and mutual benefits; complying with ISO 9001:2008 global standards for quality products and services. Clients can build their entire operations on our resources, enjoy privileged services, and leverage on our quality culture for world class excellence.

OceanSpring information security policy ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability and conformance of data is protected and periodically reviewed as appropriate. Our strategic business plan includes risk identification and the implementation of controls to mitigate or manage risks. Our risk management and compliance can assist customers in documenting a complete control and governance framework.