OceanSpring is a well-diversified technology, media services and commerce corporation focused on enhancing lives, businesses and communities. With a footprint spanning twenty years, we are expanding our frontiers as a world-class Transnational Corporation; creating value in energy, agriculture, healthcare, communications, investment banking, shipping and finance, security and trade sectors across the African Continent.

We are pursuing an aggressive growth plan that is built around e-commerce, media and information governance, sustainability promotions, engagement marketing, public procurements and infrastructure concession. We are expanding our news assets and operations to build a real-time exchange for premium information services and resource on trade, agriculture, sustainability, credits and early warning systems. The Africa Signal News Magazine Corporation is being positioned for pan-African local coverage, first on business, politics and security news.

Our advertising and analytics operations are enabling lower ad-loads in programming, more relevant and engaging ads, eliminate transaction related costs, contribute to adjusted earnings per share and deliver synergy in costs, corporate levels efficiency, savings from marketing and advertising, procurement and content development.

Our development consulting is building on in-house insights to deliver 100% certainty and assurance on briefings and line of action recommendations. We have taken the guess-work out of social sector interventions, providing for accurate planning and reliable outcomes.

We have integrated equal opportunity and sustainability reporting as anchors for business growth because we believe in inclusiveness everywhere we work. We provide valuable support for small businesses, and we are passionate about investing in people.