OceanSpring Deepens Media and Tech Divisions for Greater Participation


OceanSpring Group will deepen its media and web development operations in the current year 2022. This was disclosed by the Head of Practice and Compliance, Wale Sammy, at its Social Enterprise Consortium Breakfast Meeting with investors, service partners, select clients and stakeholders held virtually today Monday 3rd January 2022.

Sammy who doubles as OceanSpring Consulting CEO, explained the Group’s 5-year (2021 – 2025) business development plan has been modified as an effective response to new global pandemic challenges, regulatory concerns, market trends, and the need for greater involvement in domestic markets.

“We see the need for greater efficiency as a fast-growing media convergence Corporation in Nigeria. We are providing a cost-stable hand-walking experience and proactive edge-cutting innovations in fulfillment of our clients changing needs. Our clients are able to scale on us without any financial stress. Our brand awareness is growing, and our goal for this year is to ensure the OceanSpring brand becomes the preferred standard in all the markets we serve”, the CEO noted.

Shirley Bates of OceanSpring Newswire revealed that media operations will focus on extensive promotions for featured subjects of interest. She said “we are renewing our commitment towards tourism, business people and political awareness in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our Africa Signal News Magazine is providing immersive multimedia cutting-edge online platform for people to tell and own their stories, businesses, products and aspirations in a professional way. We are redirecting our website assets to provide single point of access and customer service fulfillment”.

OceanSpring Networks was founded in 2007, Lagos Nigeria, by young chartered public relations and technology professionals to provide internet, media and value-added services. Over the years, there have been significant corporate transformation and depth of field expansion. The company’s activities currently include distribution and retail of surveillance systems, networking devices, media services, news publishing and website development.

The Company consolidated aspects of its operations as OceanSpring Transnational Limited in 2021 as part of its offshore growth strategy, and for greater participation in local opportunities.

According to Wale Sammy, “OceanSpring Group has a keen interest in retail and development sectors across Nigeria, supports Ogun State Enterprise Development Clusters initiative, and expects the Company’s plans for an ultramodern luxury furniture fabrication plant in one of the free trade zones to materialize immediately after general elections next year. We are an equal opportunity corporation with an affirmative support for ideas that could enhance governance in all the jurisdictions where we are present”.