OceanSpring Public Relations Consulting is a development and marketing communications services provider delivering unparallel leverage for government officials and business clients since 2007. The Divisional has consolidated and now trades as OceanSpring Promotions and Leverage Consulting (RC. 2761855, TIN. 1054266638), a professional practice firm and member of the OceanSpring Group.

We have developed policy compliance mechanism, engagement planning, crisis management, evaluation and sustainability reporting systems impacting several Nigerian communities and businesses. Our services are entirely proactive, ensuring our clients stay on top of developments and issues. Our approach to stakeholders’ management is proprietary, informed by unique experiences and pragmatic approach to fulfillment. .

In an extremely challenged development environment, we continue to invest in people and processes that empowers, transforms and enables innovations for changes in the quality of income and health of millions of people across Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.