OceanSpring is creating a distribution network that builds on FMCG experience, technology, fleet network and customs integration for a seamless single document continental logistics operations. With our intermodal connectivity and regional markets footprints, we are creating a versatile network to deliver cheaper costs, greater availability, faster reach, greater security, more reliability, higher revenue, better distribution centers, motivated employees, safer trucks and more across the African continent.

We are focused on helping Africans find markets for their core competences. Our extensive programmes on pharmaceuticals, food and nutrition, as well as fashion and lifestyle luxury will provide wholesale distribution services for Partner Brands, enabling a diverse portfolio of products for growing businesses and individual clients.

We have a commitment to our clients, including restaurants, hospitals, specialty retailers, ecommerce vendors, convenience stores, mass merchants, drug stores, nursing homes, hotels, country clubs, government organizations, and educational facilities.

Our acquisition strategy will make the speed-to-market possible for our services and clients. Using technology as enabler, our products will include exclusive brands combined with nationally known and trusted global brands.