In 2021, we pre-launched our ecommerce, promising a world-class online retail Corporation that is anchored on trust, relevance to customer, and convenience in Nigeria. OceanSpring eCommerce is envisioned to address frictions in trade and enabling services between Africa and the rest of the world; providing quality products and services in a diversely-connected ecosystem at affordable prices, and market access for local productions.

Our brand values are innovation, integrity, sustainability, continuous improvement and excellent customer service. Our upcoming rollouts will be keen on financial inclusion, access to energy, security, healthcare improvement, lifestyle enhancement and provision of shelter. We are using technology and local experience to simplify access and value delivery.

Our website retail platforms globally will serve shoppers in local currencies across all the jurisdictions where we operate. Our pages are being specifically designed to reflect our brand values and seamless navigational experience. As a Specialty Retail Group, we will ensure product pages have all the technical, installation and formulation information you may require for informed decision making.

Beyond the presentation innovations and amazing product quality, we are mainstreaming local content policy commitments in our operations and business development planning. Specifically, we can sign up local vendors and brands, put them on same pedestals as the global brands we sell, integrate with institutional procurement cycles, and provide better economics of scale through our expanded categories and franchise distributions across multiple national frontiers.